Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Who wants to know about some sales??....and give aways....

Powder Perfect is having a buy 2 get your 3rd polish free sale until FRIDAY so get on that quick sticks.

Another quick spree you need to throw some money at is Shades of Phoenix who is having both a sale AND offering free shipping with the code XMAS13 until Friday

Petal Polish is also having a moving house sale with polishes reduced to $6.50

Off the indie track, Ozsale once again has Butter London polishes on their site. They may be slow but their prices are good and it is the only place I've bought Butter London. 

Or if you're more of an instant gratification kind of gal, Priceline stores currently have buy 3 for the price of 2 sale on their Triple Shine Sally Hansen range. I don't like the look of the bottles but I've been told they are good quality lovely polishes

Arcane Lacquer is having an awesome give away contest....which I wont tell you about because then you'll enter and decrease my chances of winning

Ok so its not a sale but Sayuri Nail Lacquer has introduced something which I think is a fantastic idea, a loyalty program for their most loyal customers. I'm not an indie seller so I don't know but I imagine that indies would rely heavily on repeat customers and this is a fantastic way of not only encouraging those repeat buys but saying thank you to their loyal customers who have really helped build their brand.

You can read more about it on her blog, but it basically works that with your 3rd, 5th and 10th purchase you get an increasing discount from 10 to 30% off your purchase AND orders over $50 (and we all know if you're not spending over $50 its just not worth it) you get a 10% voucher for your next purchase. 

Once Mckfresh Nail Attire hits 750 'likes' on their facebook page there's going to be a celebration sale so head over and like her page and check out the Christmas collection that is selling strong.

Oh come on ofcourse I was going to share Arcanes give away...there are 4 winners after all...... Check it out here on instagram

Indee Polish Co is holding a great giveaway on instagram

And finally Glam Polish is holding a give away to celebrate their anniversary which you can enter here on their facebook page

All of these giveaways are open internationally so go nuts people!
well not too much, help a no buy sister out and leave some prizes for me :)

oooo a sneak peek....While I was half way through writing this blog my favourite person in the world, the delivery man, knocked on the door with a MASSIVE package for me.
I am admin of a gift swap group on facebook, we have a close group of 30 friendly girls and each month we get a partner in the group and we send each other a little package of love based on their likes and wish lists.
December being Christmas we went ALL OUT, gave everyone 2 months to put together an amazing package and get it sent off on time. 

Now its sitting under the tree waiting patiently (it is waiting patiently I am not) as we've all agreed to open our package on the same day closer to Christmas. 
tick tock tick tock

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