Saturday, December 14, 2013

#anxmas2013 Festive Lights and a bit of foot stomping

I'm a day behind in the IG instagram challenge but that happens and I'm already trying to think of what to do for tomorrows theme of Santas Helpers....hmm and green stripes....Rudolph with his shiny red nose....Mrs Claus.....Any suggestions??

But yesterday was Festive Lights and I had so much fun doing the reverse stamping last week I wanted to do it again with this one. It didn't turn out as well as last weeks though, I don't know why. 

For the base I used Laser Pointers from Mckfresh Nail Attire, I hold no qualms about telling you this brand is one of my favourite Aussie Indies. 

Laser Pointers is one of those polishes that if someone describes it to you, you instantly think eww gross. Its silver foil and bar glitter, two things I really do not like when it comes to nail polish, foil glitter is like little hairy ickyness and foil polishes tend to just be a nightmare and I'm not a fan of the finish.....So why did I buy it? well you know how it goes, you're ordering a few things from the store for a friend and you've already bought everything else that seller has made that you like so on a whim you buy this silver bottle citing well it will be good for Christmas manis as your excuse....and IT IS. I'm so glad I got this, I don't know why or how (I'm fairly certain it involves some sort of magic fairy voodoo on Kates part) but this not only works its gorgeous.

The formula is smooth and easy, no digging for glitter or having to worry about placing it or moving the glitter around, this only took two coats and its beautiful.

The sun hits those holographic bars and they sparkle and shimmer and your hypnotised. 

Laser Pointers Mckfresh Nail Attire

Mckfresh Nail Attire Laser Pointers

Mckfresh Nail Attire Laser Pointers

Foot stamping you ask?
YES. Much foot stamping!
Yesterday Moyou released a new collection of stamping plates and while their order turn around time is horrendously slow and their customer service makes you want to crawl in to the computer through the usb port and bitch slap someone, their plates, well their plates are just divine.
I try to buy from them as little as possible until they get their act together but you know at the end of the day no matter how crappy the service you just need to buy what they are selling. 

They have released 10 plates based around the theme of various fairy tales and I NEED THEM ALL. I need them like the desert needs rain, I need them like a hooker needs her crack, I need them like a hug needs a kiss, I need them like a donut needs a get the idea. 

But I cant buy them because someone needs to learn self control and so Im just going to sit in a corner and eat red and green M&Ms.

Below is just a section of the plates so you can see what Im talking about.

Moyou plates retail for 4.99 Pounds (around $9AU) and can be purchased from their website
Use the code Sammy20 for a 20% discount on your order. 
You're welcome

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