Sunday, December 22, 2013

#anxmas2013 Family Traditions

Yesterdays theme for the #anxmas2013 nail art challenge on IG was Family we have so many but picking one I could translate into nail art is a whole other story. 

First I tried to do some water marbling with red and white swirls to represent the red and white short bread swirl cookies I make every year, but all I ended up with was pink blob nails...and fingers...and knuckles and palms, so after bathing in acetone I started over and this year I actually took inspiration from one of my Mothers traditions. 
Every year the grandchildren take turns in picking the colour theme for her Christmas tree. Now she has 7 grandchildren so you have to wait a while for your turn to come around again and its quite likely that just as the cycle is about to restart one of my sisters is going to pop out another child and add an extra year on to the waiting but this year it was one of my daughters turn and she choose white. 

(its a home grown tree cut from Mums backyard)

All 7 grand kids sitting proud (well sitting) in front of the tree

So here is what I ended up with. 
The base is two coats of OPIs Thanks So Muchness and the white is White On from Sally Hansen. 
The plate used is Festive Plate Collection 01 from MoYou

MoYou Festive Collection 01 Plate.
Photo credit MoYou website.

OPI Thanks So Muchness and Sally Hansen White On

Im really happy with how it turned out, bit of an issue with clean up but red is a pain in the butt like that sometimes.